Excavation Services

Property drainage and grading

Do you have a property with poor drainage characteristics? The best way to keep water out of your basement is to properly drain the exterior landscape and perimeter of your house or other building. For all of our time in business we have been thorough in our approach to drainage in our projects.

Grading is an important part of your property drainage plan, and can also add to the enhancement of your exterior landscape profiles. Consider a call to us for changes to your properties grade profiles.


Trenching can be used for drainage, utility installation, and other purposes. We can also take care of electrical and plumbing line installations along with our utility trenching so that you do not have to contact multiply companies for new utility service to a new or renovated building. Please also see our electrical and plumbing pages.

Pool pads

Planning to set up an above ground swimming pool and need a graded location? Give us a call.

Shed and barn pads

If are planning to construct or purchase a garage, barn or agriculture building we can grade out the area and install the stone base required for your building.